Quality technological facilities enable us to offer our customers comprehensive services to meet individual needs and requirements for the supply of fruits and vegetables. Hortim International regularly invests in modern technology – both in information systems and technologies that make the work in warehouses or offices easier and faster.


Modern packaging lines for all kinds of goods not only contribute to increasing their shelf-life, but mainly create the unmistakable image of the brand Hortim.


Our computer-controlled storage facilities maintain a constant desired temperature in a total area of 33.000 m2 of storage space, which provide optimum conditions for a great range of goods.


Our own top-quality fleet allows us to provide our customers continuous distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables at a desired time, while maintaining the required transport temperature and other requirements for transport of challenging types of fruits and vegetables. We aim to ensure the longest possible period of time for which supplied fruits and vegetables stay fresh. Sensitive is especially exotic fruits supplied from large distances and perishable fruits and vegetables.

When transporting fruit and vegetables, we pay attention primarily to:

  • Maintaining transport temperature
  • Use of appropriate packaging materials
  • Time flexibility

For more information about the transportation of fruits and vegetables visit the section Cargo Hortim or directly the website of the transportation company Cargo Hortim, section National Transportation, International Transportation. We also operate a car wash for trucks. More in section Car Wash.