Ripening of Bananas

Computer-controlled ripening guarantees highest-quality products for customers in any season.

Main principles for handling bananas:

  1. A banana is sensitive to mechanical damage – falling from even 30 cm can cause wear and subsequent browning of bananas
  2. Bananas are stored at 11 – 18 °C (optimum is 14 °C) – lower temperatures and drafts can cause damage
  3. In the early stage of ripeness, bananas are stored in a sealed foil (microclimate). The foil is opened during ripening to ensure air circulation
  4. Boxes of bananas may not be covered with a foil but need to stay open to ensure natural ventilation

The journey of a banana from plantations to your table

Brands we sell

SCB bananas – 100% quality

As a producer, carrier, importer, and provider of ripening, Compagnie Fruitera provides full traceability of its products, thus ensuring food safety. Compagnie Fruitera has one of the largest distribution networks in Europe (France, UK, Spain, and Portugal) and in Morocco. The company has its own 20 ripening facilities and a dense network of ripening partners in other countries, especially Dole, the global leader in fruits.

SCB is the best African banana

Bathed in the African sun and grown with utmost care, SCB bananas gain their unique and irresistible flavour that is extremely rich and intense.

During their 9-month vegetative period, SCB bananas are grown in compliance with the principles of integrated agriculture.

  • Significant restrictions on the use of pesticides, such as cultivation in vitro and in nurseries without GMO, make SCB bananas more resistant to diseases.
  • The vast majority of day care for bananas is done by hand.
  • Protection of the soil: the soil is systematically left fallow, use of crop rotation, reforestation program with over 1 million planted trees.
  • SCB Premium banana plantations hold Global Gap certification IS0 14001

What do customers say?

Customers rated bananas (without brand label) from Africa (SCB), West Indies, and South America and their organic varieties (Dominican Republic). SCB bananas placed:

  • 1st in the general appearance ( "Do you want to eat it")
  • 1st in the texture in the mouth
  • 1st in the country of origin by taste
  • 1st in the average purchase price which customer were willing to pay

Fyffes brand

Fyffes Blue Label is a world-renowned brand for two very good reasons. Firstly because it is the first fruit brand in the world, and secondly thanks to its high quality of supplied bananas (since 1888). From its humble beginnings in London, England, Fyffes has grown into one of the most important companies in the distribution of fresh products, particularly of bananas in Europe and worldwide.