We act responsibly towards the environment

Sorting and recycling of waste has a demonstrably positive impact on the environment. Sorting of waste saves not only the primary source of raw materials, energy, and space in landfills, it also reduces the amount of emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere, energy consumption for production, and water consumption. Simple sorting of waste thus protects nature in many ways.

And it is not a complicated task. Just learn a few basic rules, and sorting waste will eventually become a completely natural part of your everyday life. There is no better feeling than to personally help to improve the environment.

In 2012, we managed to reduce the impact on the environmental through sorting and recycling waste by 1,114,840 tonnes of CO₂eg. Recycling saved 27,034,318 GJ of energy, which is the production of a nuclear power plant for 162 days. This amount of energy is on average consumed per year by over 300 thousand households or roughly one entire region.

Our contribution to the overall reduction of greenhouse gases, thanks to the involvement in the EKO-KOM system, amounts to 552 tonnes of CO₂eg., which saved 13,285 GJ of energy. This corresponds to emissions of CO ₂ produced by 259 passenger cars for one year of operation.

Our company has contributed significantly to reducing its "carbon footprint"

HORTIM International, spol. s r. o. received a thank you for participation in one of the largest environmental projects in the Czech Republic – the system of sorting and recycling packaging waste EKO-KOM.

Thanks to our contribution in the project, we helped to recycle 797 tonnes of packaging waste. This waste would fill 343 refuse collection vehicles.

The company's contribution to the EKO-KOM project corresponds to the annual operation and maintenance of 102 recycling containers (paper, glass, plastics, and drinks cartons). As a result, we enabled more than 4,785 people to recycle.