IFS certificate

International Food Standard is aimed at those manufacturing companies in the food sector which produce branded food products and represent a quality management and risk management system for food.
IFS aims mainly at determining the security requirements for healthy food in manufacturing with a strong focus on operational requirements.


BIO certification

Hortim International spol. s r. o. is a holder of the certification "Trade and Processing of Organic Products" awarded based on the inspection and certification of organic products pursuant to Act No. 553/2005, Coll., amending Act No. 242/2000 Coll., on Organic Farming. The inspection also includes checking of producers and processors of feed for organic livestock based on the requirements of the European Union Council Regulation on Organic Agriculture No. 834/2007. BIO certification for Brno a Prague.


Golden Ducat

The prestigious Golden Ducat award is awarded by the Moderní obchod magazine for excellence in food and trade. The award is conferred by an independent jury, consisting of experts and prominent personalities. Unlike the Top 50 list of companies (also prepared by the magazine), which is based only on quantitative aspects, in awarding the Golden Ducat, the jury decides by qualitative indicators.
SThe symbol of this award is the golden ducat, which was first minted in the 14th century by Czech King John of Luxembourg.

Top Retailer 2002/2003 award for the idea of the year

An award by the company Incoma.
The award is given for continuous innovation and efforts to increase value.

Tesco standart

Hortim International spol. s r. o. is a holder of Tesco standard certification.