Total Produce Group

Basic Information

Total Produce Group is one of the largest providers of fresh fruits and vegetables in Europe, serving retail, wholesale, catering, and food production sectors. It is one of the leading companies in Ireland, UK, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, and Czech Republic. It also owns large companies in the Netherlands, Italy, and the Slovak Republic. The company has been operating in India since May 2008. The group provides complete solutions for fresh fruits and vegetables – from simple service providing to complete category management. It also has one of the largest capacities for ripening in Europe.

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Our Goal

"Our competitive advantages – our people, our suppliers, our infrastructure, and our relationships – mean an added value for our customers, which gives them a deluxe service and exceed their expectations..."

Companies of Total Produce Group



  • Charles McCann founded the company in Dundalk, Ireland


  • N. V. McCann enters the company.
  • Beginning of consolidation on the Irish market


  • Establishment of United Fruit Importers Ltd.


  • Establishment of Fruit Importers of Ireland (FII)


  • Acquisition of Fyffes

90. léta

  • Acquisitions in Europe

2000 - 2004

  • More European acquisitions (Hortim International – Czech Republic & Slovakia, 2002)

2006 - 2007

  • Division of Fyffes pls into three groups: Fyffes plc, Blackrock International Land, and Total Produce plc

2007 - 2008

  • The grown continues…