Hortim International has long cooperated with and supported several charities, foundations, and charitable events.

LILA - Home for Handicapped Children in Otnice

LILA, a contributory organization, is a private medical facility. The organization is incorporated in the Companies Register kept by the Regional Court in Brno, Section Pr, Insert 1216. The founder of the organization is the South Moravian Region. In continuous operation, LILA cares for 35 children with physical, mental, sensory, or social disabilities, aged 1 to 10 years old, who for various reasons cannot be taken care of by their parents. Here, the most frequent diagnoses are M.Down (Down syndrome), DMO (cerebral palsy), congenital malformations, and psychomotor retardation. More here.

Project "Fruit for Schools"

Since the beginning of February, primary schools throughout the country may participate in a new program of the European Union and the Czech Republic titled "Fruit for Schools". Under the project, all pupils from 1st to 5th grades are entitled to free fresh fruits and vegetables.

The project aims to increase popularity of fruits and vegetables among children, help to change their eating habits, fight against childhood obesity, and thus improve the health of the young population. A secondary effect will be an overall increase in the consumption of fruits and vegetables.

More about the project at

Our recent support:

Other athletes and organizations that we support:

  • We have been a longstanding partner to schools and kindergartens in the Children's Hospital in Brno for various Christmas parties and events. 
  • Another long-time partner who were are happy to help is the charitable society Effeta


In recent years, we have supported the following partners:

In summer 2007, Hortim International supported a charity match between Jagr Team and Eliáš Unicef Team in Rondo Arena in Brno.