About Us


Currently, we rank among the largest companies in the country that can guarantee a complete range of services for fruits and vegetables. Thanks to our fleet, we are able to make on-time deliveries of fruits and vegetables to the designated place. Our main goal is to constantly improve our services and expand our operation to the satisfaction of customers.


Scope of Operation

We have four branches throughout the Czech Republic. In total, our facilities cover around 30,000 m2 of floor area. We also operate abroad – in Bratislava, Slovak Republic. Thanks to our size, we can provide timely delivery of fruits and vegetables to all our clients.


ISO 9001 certificate holder
"Golden Ducat" award
"Top Retailer" award
Tesco standart
BIO certificate
IFS certificate

Our Employees

Employees are our most valuable asset. Our latest personnel strategy aims at human resource management. We perceive our employees not only as a "source" but mainly as persons and employees from whom we expect loyalty and whom we try to motivate, develop, and provide with constructive feedback. Only with such employees can our company thrive.


Hortim International has long cooperated and supported several charities, foundations, and charitable events. For more information about our current and previous sponsorship activities visit in section Suppoort.

TOTAL PRODUCE Group – A global view

Hortim is part of Total Produce Group

Hortim International is part of the multinational group Total Produce, which is focused on distribution and logistics of fruits and vegetables. For more information about the parent company Total Produce visit the website Total Produce.